Friday, February 8, 2013

Tie one on

Here it is! I took out the gathers too. It just wasn't feeling it. I added some random red trim to the bottom to make it stick out a bit, almost like sticking horsehair braid in the hem of a skirt. I used an awesome decorative stitch that I though mimics polka dots and added it to the waistband. The ties are some vintage poly cotton stuff I had from Mary Sue. You can also see in the corner by the ties that I ran out of grey thread. How does this happen! Argh! Thankfully I used the bobbin on top and just stuck in some white for the bobbin thread. You can't even tell on the top. On the right hand side of the apron I added a towel loop. I love towel loops, you just wipe your hands and not worry about ruining your apron, which admittedly kinda defeats the purpose of an apron but hey, who wants to muck a pretty apron.

The construction is pretty straightforward. No pattern was used, the skirt is just a rectangle that was pleated to fit the size waistband I wanted. I made the waistband like double fold bias tape (double folded) so the decorative stitching had something to hold on to. I did narrow hems on the sides but the bottom was a little different. I didn't want to hem it then add the trim because it would have been too bulky. I finally decided on just stitching the trim right sides together with the straight edge of the trim on top of apron edge. Then I just flipped it under so the raw edge would be encased between the trim and the wrong side of the apron. Is probably only an 1/8" wide which was tricky but it worked and its a tidy finish. It turned out so cute that I almost kept it and and made a new one to give away. Maybe once I get moved into the new house (hurray for Wednesday!) I'll make a new one in my new kitchen colors. I love vintage matchy matchy!

And on a completely unrelated note, I'll be tying one on any minute. There is a huge glass of wine waiting for me while I watch this silly "snow storm" float by. Anything less than 3' in a day isn't really a storm. It's upstate NY people, snow happens!


  1. Very cute apron!! I like the towel loop idea- my aprons always get trashed.

  2. Thanks! You could try attaching a big button to the waistband too. Then stick a buttonhole in your kitchen towels. That works really well too.

  3. So cute! =) The towel loop is a great idea, might need to steal it ; )

    Oh, and isn't it getting rather silly what the news call "storms"? Here they've started referring to more than 2" of snow as "Snow-chaos". In huge, black letters across the tabloids. Ridiculous, we live in Scandinavia!
    Hope you had a nice evening, enjoying the snowfall in a warm and dry place!

  4. Lol, snow chaos! I live in the snow belt, just 2 hours from Canada. You would think people here would stop flipping out since we are used to getting more than 3ft in a weekend for the last like 300 years.