Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crazy Christmas sewing - preview

I have been a mad woman these past 4 weeks. We are in our rental home and I found a selection of my sewing stash. A small smattering of randomness but enough to keep me mostly going. The problem initially was that my machine was dead. Deader than dead. I borrowed a spare and have been furiously trying to catch up. I made an apron for my mom, crocheted three ear muffler bands and a coffee cup sweater for my dad, one sewn dollhouse purse (scrapped, I need to adjust the size. It was awful), the cute blue dress with vintage rayon collar for Xmas, two Adventure Time hats for Stevie and his best bud (two Jake the Dog hats will follow), fixed the neckline and arm holes of last years Xmas dress, two little girl reversible aprons, a Xmas dress for Lorna, one miserably failed Xmas dress to match hers for me (that's a whole different post to come. I was never more upset about a 40s pattern as I was with this), a knockoff Doc McStuffins pink doctor bag and a little dolly patient, and one Elvis looking Elf on the Shelf; I think there is more but it's hard to remember..... Did I mention I moved and unpacked through all this.

I'll post the rest after Xmas and things calm down. Most of the above mentioned is wrapped anyway. And the bad blogger award goes too.....

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cabin fever

Hi y'all. I haven't been up to much as of late. We sold our house and have just moved into our rental while our new house is being built. It's gonna be awhile I fear. Anyway, since most of my sewing stuff is in boxes or packed away I found a little project that keeps me busy.

A while back I bought a bunch of patterns from a farmer down the street. They are all late 30s and 40s with some early 50s kids and ladies patterns. I had a huge stack of pattern pieces that were pinned together but had no envelopes or primer. They are all unprinted and probably mail orders. I started to go through each pinned groups to identify what they were. Turns out they were in workable groups of common pieces the woman sewing it would use. One pile was random doll clothes pieces, one was some sort of pinafore I haven't figured out yet, another pile was a bodice front and collar in an baby size and the last one was a complete dress about a size 4 I think. It has princess seams, a cap sleeve and set in sleeve variations, waist ties, and an unknown upper bodice. I traced the pieces and thought about it for a while and put it all together except for one piece. I think the mystery piece is a shoulder pleat but I don't know how it all goes together. I think part of it must be top stitched and maybe in a contrast color? Also, there doesnt appear to be any marking indicating how the dress is put on (i.e. a zipper or a back button and loop. i think it will be loose enough to go over the head with a back neck button and loop. Any help would be appreciated!

And shout out to Blogger for making the app IPad friendly finally!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

In my non-existent sewing news

Here I am on Pinterest and Houzz in case anyone was curious about what I'm up too as far as my vintage-y house design stuff goes. The only thing that is really throwing me for a loop now is appliances. I wanted retro looking stuff but its all ungodly priced. I looked into vintage stoves but since we will be on propane the stoves won't work and don't have a backflow. A new house is no good if it blows up. A good old fridge is even harder to find. So far I think I'm okay with these couple below. The stove looks pretty interesting and sort of vintage and the nuker is just a necessity. Can't make a microwave look vintage for under like $600.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quick news!

We have sold our house. It sold in 7 days and now we are in a mad scramble to find an apartment and pack. I am having some amazing ideas for the next house so ill have to figure out how to transfer my Pinterest pins and my Houzz tags to the blog.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Here we go!

Well folks, we are moving. So for a little bit I'll be MIA. Once I get everything all packed up and ready to show the house I hope to at least finish the wrap dress I started. I can't wait to move out farther into the country and the new house will have my own sewing area!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mail order #9234 - Marian Martin

I have been looking for a dress to use this fabric since I got it in my haul. Unfortunately it was cut and sewn together to make a tablecloth or something. Good news for me is that bc the print is so busy I don't anticipate the seam being visible. I think I will alter my layout a bit so that the back skirt will have the seam.

I am so excited about the pattern too. I love that it has a Swirl style back with a sweetheart neckline. I also had an idea to use buttons at the shoulder swoop and buttons up the back slant then sew the skirt as one piece.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Milwaukee Sentinel #9329

Yeah! That only took forever, all it needed was buttons. I used my 1948 Singer buttonholer (minty!) I got from a junk shop for $1. I didn't change anything to the pattern (except the hem) but if I make it again I would take a little bit out of the bodice, it feels a bit baggy under the pits. I love the pockets! All in all it's super de-super comfy.

I put the zipper in by hand bc I honestly think its faster and looks better than my zipper foot.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Milwaukee Sentinel #9329, hello lover! Fabric is from the Mary Sue Fabric haul. It's cotton however it's super soft drapey. I'm gonna do white vintage buttons too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My 13 bags of fabric, and still washing

Here it is fellow fabric hoarders; 13 garbage bags of fabric I was given from my wonderful friend Mary Sue. This is accumulation from her (her kids are my age btw) and her mothers stash. I still have 1 full 17 gallon bin to wash too. The bottom weight fabrics are awesome, the teal and celery corduroy are amazing. Everything but one bin is yardage too. The one small bin with the many different prints is all 2 yards and less. Omg, I am in project planning overload. That one bin with the red sailboat fabric is all seersucker too. The majority of the fabric seems to be either quilting prints or men's shirting in various checks, stripes or plaids. I think I'll have to get serious about creating some menswear inspired separates and sewing for my husband. Maybe. I'm pretty selfish about my sewing.

And I'll leave it to Blogger to screw up the order of the pics. Thanks Blogger app.

McCalls #5803

Finally, a pic of the beast dress. The gussets are great, the dress is not so much. I don't like the colors or fabric I chose. I also didn't know until I cut the dress out that the back bodice was all one piece (duh, should have read the back instead of assuming). The fabric was only $2 a yard at Joann Fabrics so i guess i could call it a wearable muslin. Had I to do again I would have done the back in the periwinkle color. I still wear it but I never feel awesome in it. I like the tea length and I would make it again.

Did I post this?

I made this shirt from McCalls #7813 a while ago. The material is an old crib sheet from one of the kids. The buttons are vintage from my stash. I usually wear it tucked into a skirt or high waist shorts. The neck was super tight, I ended up moving the button. I think my neck is pretty small and this was like choking me.

LA Times Mail Order #2720

The print on this one was totally stepping out of my comfort zone. I felt a little bit like I was wearing a Christmas tablecloth from the 60s. This was also the first time the pattern was wrong. The pocket placement is marked for the front panel but the picture shows it sprawling the side seams. The neckline also extends past my front bra clasp. Yikes! So I added a button and just cinched the top together.

I haven't been able to bring myself to wear this out of the house yet but I do wear it at home all the time. It's the equivalent of a 50s caftan. The fabric was basically free (I got it from the Honeoye Falls estate sale not long ago. I got a huge bag for $10)

Laura Wheeler Designs Mail Order #321

This was very disappointing. I really thought this one was going to be my easy fitting house dress. It's not. The size is correct (32-27-35), I didn't alter it in any way, but it doesn't fit right. Im not exactly sure where it isn't fitting either. The hips are fine, but the tummy area is a bit tight I think. I don't have a tummy either, it's mostly flat. Then the butt crack button is gaping but when I pull up on the dress it fits better. Idk, I can't figure this one out. This pattern appears to be from the very early 40s so I was actually thinking it was going to end up being a bit big. Sigh....

On a side note, I chopped my hair off. I'm not exactly thrilled with it (turns out that it's quite bushy). But it will grow back. I'll just have to make a hat for winter.