Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crazy Christmas sewing - preview

I have been a mad woman these past 4 weeks. We are in our rental home and I found a selection of my sewing stash. A small smattering of randomness but enough to keep me mostly going. The problem initially was that my machine was dead. Deader than dead. I borrowed a spare and have been furiously trying to catch up. I made an apron for my mom, crocheted three ear muffler bands and a coffee cup sweater for my dad, one sewn dollhouse purse (scrapped, I need to adjust the size. It was awful), the cute blue dress with vintage rayon collar for Xmas, two Adventure Time hats for Stevie and his best bud (two Jake the Dog hats will follow), fixed the neckline and arm holes of last years Xmas dress, two little girl reversible aprons, a Xmas dress for Lorna, one miserably failed Xmas dress to match hers for me (that's a whole different post to come. I was never more upset about a 40s pattern as I was with this), a knockoff Doc McStuffins pink doctor bag and a little dolly patient, and one Elvis looking Elf on the Shelf; I think there is more but it's hard to remember..... Did I mention I moved and unpacked through all this.

I'll post the rest after Xmas and things calm down. Most of the above mentioned is wrapped anyway. And the bad blogger award goes too.....

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