Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Got a little mojo back

Here are two aprons I made for my son's pre-k teachers for their holiday gifts. The right one is based on a vintage pattern which escapes me right now and the other is my own design. Not too shabby and it got my sewing mojo back. Tomorrow starts the Xmas dress!


Well, I'm sorry to say I have been most neglectful of my blogging activity. I really should be blogging about all the stuff I wanted to sew or said I would be sewing but haven't gotten around to. I HAVE been sewing up 2 aprons as teacher gifts for my little dude's teachers. However it has taken me 2 weeks to finish them. Ugh, simple sewing. I haven't even started my Xmas dress.... Insert finger shaking and time out here. I have to finish the aprons tonight and them I promise I will at least start my dress soon.