Friday, June 22, 2012

McCalls #1712 again and again and again

I love this pattern! I have made it a few times before and it's always a crowd pleaser. Last time I made it I used a bright floral cotton and bias binding like it called for. This time I did it in a quilting cotton and bag lined it in muslin and added jumbo ric rac. I used a button tab to close it instead of the bias trim neck ties too.

I changed the pockets to make them deeper and added a couple narrow pockets for paint brushes. Then I filled the pockets with art supplies. I think this will be a great birthday present.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The smell that stuck

Help! I can't get the smell out! Any ideas on this wool fabric?

I got fabric for $2 at an estate sale and I can't get the stink out. Anyone have experience washing it in the washer machine on the wool setting and drying it on zero heat in the dryer?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pattern grading for the highly inept

Well, every single one of my projects is either at a dead end in the scrap pile or in an indefinite hiatus. The McCalls armpit issue is still an issue, the knit mail order has me in fits and I'm dumping it, I had tried a muslin of another and it's like wearing a potato sack (ie, not worth trying to save it). And now I'm onto something worse.... Pattern grading.

I don't grade patterns as a general rule. If I can just add a bit to the side or take in a bit at a center I won't mess with it much. That being said I really love this pattern. Love. Unfortunately it's a size small and it's yoked so I have no idea how to do it. I only need 3 measly extra inches to make it fit. I measured all the pieces and there is only 1/2 ease at the waist and 3 at the bust. That puts the pattern at a 33 bust and 26 waist. I want it to be around a 29 waist total with ease and 34/35 inch bust total with ease. So, here we go.... I need some ideas as to which option seems best:

Plan A-

Bodice front: slash at yellow line, insert 3/4 inch. Slash at green line running into yellow line, insert 1 inch lengthwise.

Bodice back: slash at each red line inserting 1 inch for length and 3/4 inch for width.

Plan B- all pink lines

Bodice front: and 3/4 inch to the center fronts including the back neck collar seam.

Bodice back: add 3/4 inch to CB

Inherently I like option B because it's simple and fast. Will it work? Option A sounds more technical and makes me think it would work too, maybe. The tricky part is that the yoke is top stitched so I don't want to mess with taking anything off the seam allowances for the turned under bits bc then it will effect the arm hole. So there it is, in all it's confusing glory.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here is the disaster. It's just lumpy and poofy. Wtf, it's supposed to be flat. The instructions have you make a snip to turn the corner. It never works; never.

Advance 8574 - again

I just love this pattern. I made it again in a vintage Peter Pan fabric I got from an estate sale for $2. Next time I make it, and there will be a next time, I want to try attaching a different skirt so I can button it down the whole front. Although, I do actually have a pattern like that I haven't tried yet so maybe that will be my next attempt..... after I finish the three dresses I have cut and in various forms of completion. Oy.

I didn't do anything to alter the pattern except add about an inch to the bodice length. The buttons are vintage I got for $0.15 at an antique shop. The white collar is an old tablecloth scrap and the cuffs are white bias quilt binding from Joann Fabrics. I didn't make a belt again. I usually wear my own belts. I think the dress isn't novelty enough to for a self belt so IMHO it would just make the dress look dated instead of vintage-y.

I just bring myself to fix the armpit of the McCalls either. Maybe tonight I'll work on it and post pics.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vent time

I am having some issues as you can tell. It's 11pm and the armpit of my newest McCalls is a disaster, a flipping' disaster. Its a raglan style dolman sleeve if you can picture that. I can't even articulate myself fully right now. I am smoking mad, I hate when I mess up. I'll post pics tomorrow when the light is better since in sew in a G D basement. Grrrrr, I'll have to rip it all out.