Thursday, October 11, 2012

In my non-existent sewing news

Here I am on Pinterest and Houzz in case anyone was curious about what I'm up too as far as my vintage-y house design stuff goes. The only thing that is really throwing me for a loop now is appliances. I wanted retro looking stuff but its all ungodly priced. I looked into vintage stoves but since we will be on propane the stoves won't work and don't have a backflow. A new house is no good if it blows up. A good old fridge is even harder to find. So far I think I'm okay with these couple below. The stove looks pretty interesting and sort of vintage and the nuker is just a necessity. Can't make a microwave look vintage for under like $600.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quick news!

We have sold our house. It sold in 7 days and now we are in a mad scramble to find an apartment and pack. I am having some amazing ideas for the next house so ill have to figure out how to transfer my Pinterest pins and my Houzz tags to the blog.