Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My 13 bags of fabric, and still washing

Here it is fellow fabric hoarders; 13 garbage bags of fabric I was given from my wonderful friend Mary Sue. This is accumulation from her (her kids are my age btw) and her mothers stash. I still have 1 full 17 gallon bin to wash too. The bottom weight fabrics are awesome, the teal and celery corduroy are amazing. Everything but one bin is yardage too. The one small bin with the many different prints is all 2 yards and less. Omg, I am in project planning overload. That one bin with the red sailboat fabric is all seersucker too. The majority of the fabric seems to be either quilting prints or men's shirting in various checks, stripes or plaids. I think I'll have to get serious about creating some menswear inspired separates and sewing for my husband. Maybe. I'm pretty selfish about my sewing.

And I'll leave it to Blogger to screw up the order of the pics. Thanks Blogger app.

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  1. Wow, girl! You lucked out - these look amazing!