Sunday, February 24, 2013

Among other things

I have finally started to unpack all my treasures and necessary items (likes plates and underwear!) and it's been arduous at best. We were without a washer and dryer for about six days. Yeah, Mt. Wash-Me was awful. The only room that hasn't been painted is my sewing office. My hubbs had to build a wall between two livings rooms that were connected with a pass through. One side of the wall is done and painted but the other side in my room hasn't been finished yet. Ugh. That means that I have tons of stuff just floating around in that room and its making me nuts. I had to put up a baby play yard gate to keep the tots from "helping" me clean it up. I'm not sure what I want to paint it either. Initially I was thinking of doing the grey that's used throughout the house with an aqua strip through it but why not go crazy right? So now I'm thinking of doing coral in there with aqua curtains or the aqua from the sun room with a red curtain.

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