Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Why is it that men always seem to rip gigantic holes in the crotch of their pants? I have to talked to several girlfriends and they say their hubbies do it to. Seriously, do guys walk around doing deep lunges all day?

Anywho, I had to fix a pair for the hubbs today. I have fixed them before but they always end up ripping again so I needed a new approach. I used #37, a nifty little joining stitch (I think). It worked too! I added a piece of navy cotton bottom weight. It felt like a super thick and spongy cotton. Almost like twill but woven more loosely and its thicker. I started on an outside edge to anchor the fabric and just went in a square all the way around and working my way in to the center. Then I trimmed the little bits of extra fabric on the inside. Dave said he was super happy with the way they turned out. Now I get to finish 4 more pairs. Yea me...

Update on the Jess Dress: yeah, not going so well. The armpits are really high and the bust is too tight. There is no ease at all. There should have been 1.5" of ease. I'm going to have to measure the pieces, I think their ease measurements were off.


  1. this could not have come on a better day...a pair of my son's fave jeans are awaiting me; threads hanging from hem, crotch-hole and all, he wants to wear them until they fall off his body in complete disintegration. no problem, sweetie. thanks for the suggestion about the stitch, looks like it really did the trick.

  2. I have found this to happen on any pair of pants no matter the price point. From cheap old navy jeans to nicer polo or nautical or men's express. Same spot every time!