Saturday, February 9, 2013

The New Girl dress

Like many people, I love the show The New Girl. Zoey D wears the most amazing outfits. I actually found a great website that shows all of her outfits and where you can either buy it or buy something similar ( I am besotted with the dress she wore in the Pepperwood episode. It also happens that the dress will be available on ModCloth for a tidy sum of $300 ( Um, yeah right. I have been wracking my brain as how to recreate this with a pattern I have on hand. The bodice looks like a take on a princess seam gone angular and the skirt is just box pleats. I have this fabric in my stash that I love. I have about 4-5 yards of it and couldn't think of how I could make a dress from it bc it is rather busy. But once I saw Zoey's dress I found my muse.

I want to do a nice grass green on top and use the little people on the bottom. I also wasn't sure I wanted to do sleeves or not. I wear dresses all year and add cardis/leggings during the winter. The little people fabric is also a bit sheer for a bottom so I have to line it or wear a slip. I'm pretty lazy so I'll just wear a slip. Of the four patterns I picked (for bodice only), I'm very interested in the Butterick. It's a halter neck but it has a back which I am more comfortable with. I need to be able to wear a bra. Strapless bras and little kids does not a winning combination make. It also has the wrap ties that the original dress had. The vintage advance also strikes my fancy. it wont need to be lined BUT i will have to grade it down at least one size. ill have to measure it to be sure. it will probably have to go down two sizes. Thats more work. So dear friends, what say you?

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