Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekly Barn Sale adventure

This week at the barn sale I totally scored. The woman who owns the barn knows me on sight and always makes sure to tell me if she got new sewing stuff and the like. I am very excited about several patterns in particular. The McCall 5645 peasant top from 1944, the very cool McCalls 8379 skirt (the 80s does 40s) and the 1940s pajamas with slippers. Slippers!!!

The baby pattern is actually a 20" doll pattern, which is what American Girl dolls are I think. The transfer pattern is from 1941 and never used. The fabric is some synthetic, feels like rayon. There isn't too much of it, maybe enough for a skirt but I have to clean it well and get one stain out. It may end up being a tank top if I can't get the spot out.

The dishes are my favorite kind of mid-century snack set. They had a set of 8 but I really only needed the set of four. I'm starting to run into a storage problem for all my stuff. They are in perfect condition, no nicks or marks. I do use them too. I also picked up a wood Bluebird house. The little yellow baby bonnet is in great condition too and will be a gift for a friend who just had a sweet baby girl.

All in all a vey successful and cheap day. I only paid $20 for everything.

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  1. Great finds! I'm in LOVE with the snack set!!