Monday, March 26, 2012

The classic shirtwaist dress. Advance 8436

My precious...... I have had this pattern a while and have been wanting to make it forever. It's a bit of a fabric hog even with a shortened hem. I want to do version 2 with the buttons all the way down. I'm really excited about the pockets; even the boob pockets look cute. Seeing her cute hair makes me want to chop mine off too. But as much as I would love short hair it would be disastrous. It's far to wavy, I would look like bozo the clown. Anyway, I went to cut this dress last night but it's in factory folds. While the thought of being the first one to open this pattern in 60 some odd years is nice, I do like the fact that most vintage patterns have been used and cut. Looks like I'll be spending nap time cutting tissue instead of a dress.

I'll also have to make a bodice muslin for this one. I usually don't do a muslin since I try to make patterns in sizes I know already fits. The bust is a size too large which means for vintage ease its probably 2 sizes to big. The waist is a wretched 26 inches. I think with the wearing ease this will fit. It also has double bust darts. That will be new.

I don't want to get my hopes up but this may be the shirtwaist I've been looking for.


  1. That looks like a very useful pattern. The back yoke with gathers below would provide lots of range of motion to make it really functional. I have a TOTAL weakness for pockets. HUGE vintage pockets. I bought a vintage pattern very similar to this (McCall's 5484) thinking it would be my holy grail of shirtwaist patterns WITHOUT realizing that it was way to big for me. As a result, it sits in my pattern bin, in shame.

  2. For years, I have been watching the catalogs for a shirtwaist dress; though I enjoy the hours in the fabric store, it was a fruitless search. Then I realized the obvious and looked on line. This pattern in my size arrived today and I am anxious to try it soon but not with bodice pockets. About four years ago, I purchased a beautiful rose pattern fabric for it. I wish you had posted after you sewed this one; would be interested in your comments.