Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something to finally share: Simplicity 4200

Here it is! And I took a picture of a completed project, albeit I threw it on this morning with my hair all slept on and crazy but it's done. I like it, I don't love it yet. The print is a bit blah but it's a great example of something a woman would wear at home. The bust gathers are not attractive. It seems to make my small bust look droopy. It does look better if I squish the gathers together so I'm going to tack them before I wear it again. There are 18 buttons. Sigh, idk what I was thinking but I love these almost white vintage plastic buttons. I did machine holes and machine stitched the buttons on. It doesn't take that long, but besides hemming, these buttons are my least favorite finish up activity. I didn't change anything about the pattern however it doesn't look like I thought it would. It must be the fabric. I did add a little bit of green lace to the edge of the sleeves to spice it up.

When I got home from work last night at midnight I decided to cut another dress. Insomnia what?! So I cut McCalls 5512 from 1977. Disco was hot baby. I cut it out of a cantaloupe colored bed sheet with big daisy bouquets all over it. I have mixed feelings about the sheet but I'll be crafty and call it a muslin.

One a side note, as much as I love my iPad it takes cruddy pictures.


  1. I think the design of the dress is really fabulous! I think part of the gathering issue will be resolved with your fashion fabric. This would be really stunning in a bright vintage print!

  2. I'm with Debi, I love the design of this dress. Try it in another fabric!!

  3. I think I will. I also think that instead of a bust gather I'm going to do a tuck or maybe two three small tucks. And the Hip gathers will get spread out more. I really want to use some of that DS quilting fabric I saw at Joann the other day. It's very 1930s and 40s inspired! Maybe something in a teal. Thanks for the help, it's good to get another opinion.