Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion show

Here goes...... This is Mail Order #9116 from the Milwaukee Post (I think). Dated mid 1950s by the stamped post mark. I certainly don't look as fetching at the model cover does but it ain't bad. I used navy broadcloth and new buttons. The collar is my favorite part, I love how it's split in the back. The boobage is too big but alas, an all too often problem that I didn't realize till I cut it. I am on the lookout for a bigger bra. Unfortunately the one I'm wearing is false bc it isn't that "wonderful".

Next is Simplicity 4640. Also made from an amazing blue broadcloth with vintage ric rac and vintage buttons. I didn't change anything about the patter except excluding the side zip. I realize afterward that I wouldn't be able to get it on and have it sit without gaping a lot so I added snaps to the bottom bodice. Had I to do it again I would suck it up and add the zip. The bodice is top stitched down so there was a bit of fudging and huffing to get it to do what I wanted it to do. I do absolutely love it though.

This one is Advance 8574 from the 50s. I had to shorten the skirt to utilize the fabric I had but I still like it. It's shorter than I would normally feel good with but it's not bad. In fact I wore it to dinner at Dinosaur BBQ with my mom tonight. It looked awesome. I omitted the pockets since I wasn't sure I was even going to like it. The print is crazy when really stared at. The micro polka dots are arranged in little triangles. I also tried snaps for the first time too. They ended up being different distances apart despite my "careful" measuring. I really don't think anyone will notice though.

Last is good old Advance 5410 from the 40s. The fabric was bought for $1 at my favorite barn sale. It's actually a very soft home dec fabric from 1983. I'm pretty sure it was scotch guarded too bc it's has a great sheen to it, like it's been polished but it's still so soft.

And that's a wrap. More to come soon.

And the pictures will undoubtedly come up all out of order. Damn you blogger app!


  1. I have a SERIOUS crush on that Mail Order 9116 dress. SERIOUS! It's crazy awesome. I adore the colours you chose, especially the white collar. So many vintage dresses have coloured bodies with white or cream collars. Love love love.

  2. the royal blues my fav, its so pretty.

  3. Yeah, the dark one with the red buttons is killer. You look amazing!

  4. Thanks ladies, it's deff on my top five favorites! I'm going to try the sleeveless version too.

  5. Ooohhhh so inspiring! All these dresses look so greattt!! Sometimes I think you gotta be careful with picking the fabric for vintage patterns because they can look so outdated! You did very well with the fabric matching and the red buttons on the blue dress with the fitted skirt? STUNNING! I really really can't wait to be as good as you! <3