Friday, March 16, 2012

No progress

Well, it's too small. Damn it! It needs a couple inches longer in the waist, the armpits were a bit high and narrow-ish, and I needed a longer shoulder extension. Idk, it's the part on top of the shoulder next to the neck.... Ugh, my skills stink. Otherwise it's not bad. I realized I wanted the overlap a bit more, well, overlapping, so that's getting fixed too. The skirt is okay and the sleeves work. Now I have to figure out if I want to start over or rip the skirt off. Sigh, I'll prolly just rip the skirt off...

I should not be so grumpy; it was a valiant first attempt. I think I'll eliminate the back darts too. I don't think they were doing much of anything. I have plenty of sheet left so at least it will match. The key hole was pretty sweet too.

I also found that using xmas wrapping paper to make patterns is so more efficient than taping together wax paper or tissue paper. My 'duh' moment.

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  1. So sad :( I hope cutting a larger top will make the whole dress wearable!