Thursday, March 29, 2012

Costumes galore

I have spend in inordinate amount of time this week sewing costumes for my kids. Stevie has been home sick for almost a week. I made him a Superman cape and when he put it on he said he felt better. Then today I made him a complete Robin Hood accessory set. He loves shooting. My dad is teaching him how on a little child size bow. So I emailed my dad some pics of Stevie wearing it and asked him if he would wear a hat too. He said of course and said he will add a turkey feather to both hats. How cute! So now I have to make an adult Robin Hood hat. Sigh, dress is still on hold I suppose.

The Robin Hood set is made from felt and an old tshirt and the cape is an old Xmas tablecloth with a few food stains. I haven't ever appliqu├ęd anything before but I think it turned out very well for a first shot.


  1. Oh Meg - These are amazing!! I LOVE the Robin Hood set - I'm jealous of it and I'm not even a kid! You'll be proud of me - I just purchased my first sewing machine from craigslist. It's so old school!

  2. Thanks! My felt craftiness knows no bounds! I love that you got a machine! What's your first project?