Thursday, September 22, 2011

There is too much Wonder in my Land!

I seem to have gone from a sewing rut to a sewing frenzy. I am now working on finishing not one dress but two.  I dug out an old UFO project that I remember not fitting right. It was supposed to be too small so I altered the pattern. Well, once I tried the top half on I realized the ease was huge and now I'd made it even bigger! I think that making something smaller is so much harder than making something bigger. The neckline was gaping like the Grand Canyon but the arm holes and bust points were still unchanged and fit correctly. What the what!

It's really too bad I didn't dig this out to try to fix it earlier. The weather is really making a turn for the worst and I don't think I'll be getting much wear out of a sleeveless dress. There is an overblouse that goes with it (also sleeveless). I could always get one wear out of it dropping the Little Dude off at school but I do already get a bunch of weird looks from the other moms regarding my vintage style wardrobe. They are all just too Ann Taylor to function (but that's just me being judgmental).

Pic's to follow as soon as the zipper goes in!

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