Saturday, September 10, 2011

The 1940s redo suit begins!

I have been staring at this suit for months in my closet wondering what in the heck i was going to do with it to make it wearable. I have worn the jacket out a few times and its just lovely but the skirt just hangs in my closet looking sad. The only way I can figure out how to give it a couple extra inches was to completely take the skirt apart. This involved unpicking the waistband, six gore skirt, and hem. I left the zipper alone as it was lapped but did take off the zipper lap on the inside. This little part is going go to go on the waistband in the back to add those couple extra inches that I  need. I was actually kind of surprised that the waistband was longer. I have a few vintage skirts from the late 50's and there tends to be a couple inches overlapping the zipper and hooks. I was not so fortunate with this suit. I know basically nothing about wool. I read up on the Sierra Trading Post website here regarding wool weights, classifications etc as I wanted to make this coat for winter in wool. It really didn't help with the skirt. It's a very loose weave wool, light and airy but not scratchy. Mystery or not it's going to look killer when I'm done. Pics to come soon!

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