Saturday, September 24, 2011

I smell BS cooking

Oh Mood, why must you fib! I placed a second order for my wool swatches and the delivery is delayed again because of 'adverse weather conditions'. Seriously.... C'mon Mood, I live in NY too and there are no adverse weather conditions. If you need like four (4) days to process my order than say so, don't tell me the the City is in the middle of some freakish weather.

Today I MUST finish my valances for the dining room. The fabric I chose is here. It matches a coordinating fabric that I used to do a tablecloth style rush mat.  (I'll put pic's up when it's done, I know that sounds confusing).

Update: My ugly fitting vintage Butterick pattern dress is turning out great! I just have to hem the bottom and tack on some bias tape to finish the arm and neck holes. Here is where my world crashes: hemming a circle skirt. Bane of my existence! Anyone have any good way to hem up a massive skirt? Casey is doing a circle skirt sew along so I'm hoping she covers different ways to hem up the monster. Last time I did one I just cut the hem portion off and turned a narrow hem and left it at that. This time it's supposed to get a turned 2" hem. That's 4" I either have to turn up or chop off. This part of sewing is my absolute least favorite of anything. Luckily because the skirt is so voluminous it will hide any uneven boo-boo's. The dress will just have to wait till after the kids go to bed, sigh.... this thing will never get done and I'll probably won't get to wear tit before it get too cold. The green a little springy for Xmas but I suppose I could try making a bright red bolero or something to top it. Or maybe it will just sit in my closet till next spring when the snow melts. Bummer.

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