Sunday, September 4, 2011

The disappearing grocery budget

As I dig deeper and deeper into my grocery budget for barn sale money I can't help but think of all the spaghetti and hot dogs we will be eating this week. I just asked my little guy if he wanted to come with to revisit the awesomeness that was yesterdays barn sale. I put down a couple things and am now having reverse buyers remorse; "junk setter-downer-remorse". They had another pink prairie style full skirt and I totally forgot to look for Princess Bubblegum style dress patterns for Halloween. I didn't even dig through all the fabric either. It's not my favorite chore since its usually hot, humid and kinda smelly up in the loft and the fabric isn't always good. My son also wanted to find small tools or as he says "toys for little boys for making stuff like daddies". So.... off we go! Pictures to come of anything good.

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