Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Advance 6261 - Pattern Review

Simple: I LOVED it! I have a few requests from friends to sew this for them. But lets be serious, I'm selfish, working on a budget, and have two kids. It ain't going to happen. My bestie Bridgette will get the shirt I made and when I get to it I'll make another for myself (I have fabric left).

The pattern itself was very simple with only the collar giving me a bit of trouble. I completely blame the stripes and not my lack of sewing prowess. The collar gaped a bit on the corner so i made an almost invisible tuck to help it back into place. I put the interfacing on the wrong side (damn you unprinted pattern and your damn notches and varying circle punch out sizes!!) so of course I didn't notice until it was constructed and half sewn in. I also added another button as it only called for two. Yep, two buttons on a shirt; not working for me. The waist was two inches smaller than mine on the pattern size guide. I did the tissue fit and it fit. Stranger things have happen with these old patterns though. Sooooo, I just did 1/4 inch SA from mid waist to the bottom instead of 1/2 inch and it fit perfectly. Other than those small details it was a breeze and one of the few patterns I will remake in other colors.  

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