Monday, October 24, 2011

Du Barry in the works. The shirt is coming along wonderfully! Everything is finished with a French seam too. And look at the stripes, everything lines up!!


  1. Wow, this blouse is lovely! You've made an amazing job on lining up the fabric. And what a fabric! So, so beautiful!

    I read in an earlier post that you questioned how on earth women stayed warm durin winter... Well, I live in northern Sweden, just south of the artic circle, and I wear skirts and dresses the year around, I'm actually warmer in them. The trick is layering. Cotton or wool tights, thick leggings and long wool bloomers on top of the tights. Slip, camisole, wool dress or wool skirt+cardigan. A really warm and long winter coat, and the warm gloves and cap and so on... And don't forget the sturdy boots, with thick soles and a tall shaft, keeping your legs warm and snow-safe. I've worn this down to around -10F.
    With all these layers, the jeans are actually colder!

  2. lol, thanks! I live in western new york (finger lakes) and it gets cooooold up here! we probably share the same weather! and you are right about jeans, they are freezing! maybe that why I hate winter so much, i'm always cold. I'll have to make it my mission to make some more layers and just make more skirts in wool and flannel and such. i really love the LL Bean wellies with the fleece boot liners, soooo warm and you can take the liner out and wear them all spring during thaw. thanks for the ideas!!