Thursday, October 6, 2011

Next project!! Ann Adams 4901 and Du Barry 5172

Here it is! I'm thinking of doing the test jumper in the green and pink twill fabric I used on the last jumper.

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  1. Hey, I couldn't find an email link, but RE: How to take out extra room intended for shoulder pads if you don't like shoulder pads:

    Alter for sloping shoulders (increase the slope from neck to point of shoulder) to remove the extra height allowed over the shoulder/arm joint for the pads. You may also need to narrow the shoulders slightly (shorter distance from neck to point of shoulder), depending on the cut of the dress.

    How much you need to take out depends on the dress and on your shoulders--my shoulders are already square-ish but narrow, so I'd probably take out about a half-inch in height and maybe a half-inch in width (per side).