Friday, October 21, 2011

The Shredded Shirt and Other Fun

Du Barry 5172 is still in the works. The shirt is a mess; literally. I made a slight boo boo of sewing the yoke on backwards (duh! I should not be sewing while sleep deprived). I tried to very gently rip the seam (each stitch no less!!) and it shredded like taco lettuce. So big surprise here, I have to re-cut the yoke and one side front bodice.I also have to do very super tiny French seams on everything or else the shirt will be totally unwearable and certainly not washable. Then while working on my wool vest I found that the head hole is too small. Will wonders never cease! I had to rip out the facing on that one too. So I was half way done and now am I not.

I know not everyone lives up in the Great White North. I wanted to add more vintage inspired clothes to my winter wardrobe but, seriously, women in the 1940s-50s couldn't not have worn dresses all year. I mean, when it's -2 outside without windchill, wearing a dress is insanity. What the heck did women wear? Or maybe they didn't leave the house? Either way, I'll probably supplement bottoms with jeans like usual. I did wear a pair of black long leggings with my Swirl dress on what was most likely the last warmish day of the year. It was 55 degrees but I suffered in the name of Swirl.

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  1. I've been wondering this myself. How did women stay warm in dresses? I need their tips!