Friday, October 7, 2011

Return of the skirt

I'm back onto enlarging my 40s day suit (first mentioned here). I think I finally figured out which pieces go where too. Remember that once I took the panels apart I realized they were all slightly different? Well, I pinned it together and it seems right; for now anyway. Right now I'm working on making the waistband bigger. I took the hidden lapped zipper piece off and undid the stitching. I think she (the original owner) must have used this so she wouldn't create snags in her slips but I can just make a new one out of a different fabric. I re-steamed the creases and just turned up the lapped piece to match the waistband. Then I sewed the two pieces together. At first I had it set up to attach them like you would when joining a bias strip but it would have been too bulky and I would have lost too much wool. I just did a straight seam and will live with it. I'm hoping that when I lap the waistband I'll be able to cover that piece with the other tail of the waistband. To be continued... 

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