Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There is no such thing as time out

I'd love to post pics of my finished NYP dress however it is still in exactly the same state of undone as it was yesterday. Its been raining horribly and the kids are going insane; we have a nest of Starling living in our dryer vent (on the 2nd story no less!!) and our dryer died. Tonight is the night to finish I know it! I tacked on the vintage buttons and vintage belt buckle just to see how it looks and I'm so excited! After such a long day I usually do some therapy sewing. This usually involves sewing an apron. I tend to make lots of mistakes if I sew when I'm grumpy but sewing an apron is like buttering bread.

I did finish Soft Apocalypse and it wasn't a happy ending. In fact I'm now so paranoid of impending doom that I contemplated stockpiling cans of vegetables and hair conditioner. Nightmares will surely follow.

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