Monday, May 2, 2011

Note to Self

I love using old patterns. I really love the old styles and shapes and flow of a vintage dress. I do not love however being an idiot and not realizing that the skirt was not fitting to the bodice of my NYP because I somehow overlook a series of tiny, minuscule really, die cut dots indicating back darts. So of course I was mad that I pulled apart perfectly good French seams only to resew them. I also realized that the collar is twice the size it needs to be because the directions of constructing were not clear (Hello Burda). Riiiiiiiiip was the sound coming from my sewing table. But after all that, the skirt is attached and fits like a dream. I have to quick sew and turn the collar and tack on the belt. My little dude said said "Oh mommy! You look so pretty in your new dress! That fabwick (lol, his lisp is cute) is pretty." Can't wait to post pics tomorrow!

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