Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My real life is getting in the way of my sewing life

Well, in my urgent need to finish the NYP dress I hastily attached the collar (which I will undo again because I don't like it... again), I inserted an invisible zipper (which I topstiched; duh, I cannot even begin to describe what happened there), and I haven't hemmed it. Yup, I'm on total brain meltdown or something. I mean really, topstitching an invisible zipper..... jumbo shrimp much. Anyway, since Mother Nature has finally decided to bless us with her presence up here in Upstate NY I have been spending all my free time in my garden and not in my basement sewing. Alas, that dress needs to be finished. I was so excited about it and wearing it and bla bla bla but this whole resewing it a zillion times is leaving me less than thrilled to finish it. I just need a few more minutes of uninterrupted sewing time to fall back in love with it. Sigh....

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