Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have been wearing the navy polka dot version of Advance 8574 over and over and over and over. I didn't even really think about it till today either. So, I'm making two more. I have my Swirl knockoff, my 70s McCalls, and my mail order pattern all cut and in partial completion too. When I get a thought in my head I guess I just have to do it. So my question is this: how do you wear eyelet? It's shear by nature and has tiny holes so do you underline it? I say nay on underlining 1. bc it's more work and 2. bc then you have covered up holes.... I dunno. The bottom part will be an almost denimish fabric. I bought it to make shorts but lets be honest, I'm not making shorts. So what do I do? I don't want to look like a dope. I figured I would just wear a cami under it or something.


  1. You could wear some kind of underthing, like a cami...or Gertie wore a black bustier thing with her cute black eyelet there's that (but hers was a bit fancier and yours seems casual). I like the sweetheart neckline a bustier gives and have toyed with the idea of sewing some kind of underlining thing, just in that strapless sweetheart bodice shape, but I think that might be too much trouble?

  2. Underlining or not would depend on the sturdiness of your eyelet I guess. Those shoulder and arm seams need to stay strong. If it is really lightweight then I would underline with a cotton lawn, you could even do it in a nude colour if you want it to maintain it's 'sheerness".

  3. After I laid everything out I couldn't cut it. I realized I already had a dress with white on top and blue on the bottom so I skipped it. I thinking I may do a sleeveless dress totally out of eyelet in which case I suppose I would underline it in something. Ugh, I hate underlining bc it makes me feel like I'm making two dresses and only getting enjoyment from one. But you gotta do what you gotta do.