Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Simplicity 4640

Here she is! I love this seersucker frock, it's so cheerful! Somehow though it's a little bit smaller than the first one. Odd. Not bad small, just a little
More snug in the shoulders. Idk how this happened, I must have done the French seams a little bit to wide or something. It's not more than 1/2 inch overall between the front and back. I had thought about making a self belt for it too but I think it would be overkill.

The only thing I changed about the pattern was exempting the back ties and snipping off the pointy bodice bottom to make just a simple princess bodice. I did just order a a new pattern off Etsy too. Once it comes I'll flash it around. It's an early 40s princess seam dress with a really cool neck.


  1. M'dear, this is pure adorable. I LOVE how it turned out. The seersucker is lovely - not pajama-y at all! Great work. :)

  2. Thankyouverymuch! It did turn out better than I thought it would too albeit a little snug in the shoulders. Not a bad snug, just totally fitted.

  3. Beautiful! I think the contrasting cuffs and collar are wonderful.

    Keep up the good work!