Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You say sideboard, I say Buffet

I am almost done with the refinishing of my antique buffet. I originally thought it was a 1920s piece; after much google'ing I feel as though I can date it as Victorian (read late 1890s). I stripped of the old grungy green paint and the original skuzzy (a very technical term) ugly, dark stain. I used steel wool dipped in Formby's to treat the original wood. After some scrubbing it worked perfectly! I used a standard paint stripper to take care of the ugly green painted portions. It still boogles my mind to think that someone painted over perfect wood. Tiger Maple to exact. Its beautiful and my cruddy pictures don't do it justice. I don't feel bad about getting rid of that original nasty stain either. The Formby's doesn't take away all the stain (I didn't extensively sand it down), just removes the top gunk. It left the wood a beautiful tea color instead of the original black coffee color. You really couldn't see the wood grain the way it was originally treated. The hubby and I had such fun doing this together we are now on the lookout for another gem to refinish! Did I mention that I only paid $120 for the buffet? Yep, total steal!

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