Wednesday, August 31, 2011

McCall's 1712 Pattern Review

I have done this pattern before here and, as before, it turned out great. This time I self lined it and just turned it instead of using bias binding. I think this method is far superior than 6.5 yards of binding and looks just at good (also a lot faster!). It also gives another layer of protection to wetness and paint etc. I also added a second layer of pockets situated above the bottom pockets. The original pattern called for only three rather shallow pockets. IMHO you can never really have too many pockets on a child's smock; they are always squirreling away something. My pattern didn't have directions but as it was only 1 pattern piece it wasn't too difficult to figure out where to put the closings and where to sew up the sides. The lovely little Marisol in the back view picture wears a solid six and still had plenty of room to grow.

If I were to change anything I would maybe make the arm holes a little deeper since I lost some fabric in the improvised seam allowance. It's not snug under the arm but I feel like it would be even easier for the kids to dress themselves with a little extra room. Overall I think the smock turned out fantastic and is attractive and utilitarian. The little girl I made it for loves peace signs and wanted something not too girly. While it's not my personally favorite fabric choice, the crazy patterns seems less obnoxious in a cute apron form.

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