Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's slowly looking like a room

It looks like a room if you only concentrate on a 3'x3' space. I also stopped off at my favorite fabric shop. It's like Salvation Army for crafting stuff. It's run by volunteers and the proceeds go to a senior living center to help them maintain their independence. I went specifically for fabric to complete some projects for Lorna's 3rd birthday party but of course came away with more tid bits of joy. Lorna wants a kitten theme party too (Oy!). I'm doing a vintage kitten theme to make it a little less obnoxious. I think it's going to end up being really pretty cute. The kitty wreath will end up in her room when the party is over too. I'm going to do each cat in a different fabric. I'm also going to try to do a couple buntings. The party won't be till the end of April, so if I start now I can do a little every night and have it actually finished BEFORE the party (admittedly a first).

The big wad of yellow fabric is 5.25 yards of 80s does 50s wonderfulness. I'm thinking of doing the McCalls 5327 with a big full skirt. I'm thinking of also doing black piping on the collar and black buttons. It probably won't be warm enough to wear without leggings and a cardi but I'm boycotting 'swinter'. For everyone not familiar with western New York winters, they are very unpredictable. The spring/winter season is horrible. It will be 60 degrees one day and literally snowing 5" the next. Anywho, I hope everyone else can enjoy your approaching spring!

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