Sunday, May 20, 2012

Inspiration Please!

After I washed the fabric I started staring at it. I'm scared if it. I'll never find fabric like this again, in this quantity, and at a whopping $2. What should I make with it? I have about 6 yards (I haven't measured but eyeballed it, it could be 7 yards) and its 36 inches wide. WTF, I'm scared to cut it. I need some pattern inspiration. I want something I can wear all the time and if I'm very careful I can get two dresses from it. Or at the very least a dress and a blouse. Ideas please!!

You can see how sheer it is, the white stools are visible behind the fabric on the left side. There are no holes, no stains and it's basically perfect. Not even a dab of color bleaching. It's like the Holy Grail of vintage fabric quests.

Update: what about this pattern?

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