Saturday, May 19, 2012

Barn sale haul!

Okay kids, I got a steal this weekend! The border print fabric is going to make a fantastic full skirt to a dress with a pink bodice and the green floral one...... wowza. I'm guessing early 40s? It's perfect and 6 yards! The snack sets will add in my collection and the see magazine cover is getting framed along with the Lindy Hop dancing pictures inside. The patterns are all superb too, especially the McCall blouse. All for a whopping $10.


  1. wow - great finds, especially that pretty fabric!!

  2. The fabric might be newer than you think, 54" is really wide and 40s fabric was narrow. That's why you often see a center front seam on 40s skirts, because the fabric wasn't wide enough to cut on the fold.

  3. Yeah, I'm an idiot, I measured it on a folded section. It's really 36 inched wide.