Monday, February 20, 2012

Lucy, I'm home!

Whew, it's totally done and I'm in love with it. If I make it again I need to widen the waist about an inch for a better button overlap. There was no waist measurement listed on the pattern so I just winged it and prayed for a fit. Pre-children this would have easily fit better but as it is I put the waist size down for a 25 inch waist woman with approximately 4 inches of room for the button packets etc. Now it's more like 2 inches for the buttons which technically fits but isn't the best. I could always get a waist nipper like a woman then would have worn but I'm not going down that tight and upright rabbit hole.

The fabric was a beast. It was very shreddy and slippery. One seam mistake and the holes are there forever. The totally botched the shoulder/collar area too. You have to make a slice then wiggle the fabric into place to make the back neck and shoulder seam. No matter how I tried it need up looking like a child sewed it. Luckily the collar covers it. I did French seams and just did a narrow hem on the bottom. I like the look of a deep hem but it's way more work and I'm pretty skrimpy when it comes to fabric usage. I wish it was warm already so I could go June Cleaver grocery shopping.


  1. Love the dress! Quick question- you never posted the name of the pattern company or pattern number. I'm really keen to find this out, as i would like to try and hunt one of these patterns down. Thanks!

  2. Oh snap, you're right! Let me look..... Ok, there is no name on it. Envelope has nothing on it either. I think it must be from a newspaper or something but I dated the bulk rate on the stamp and it puts it to mid to late 50s.The pattern does give a number #2853, also not listed in the vintage pattern wikia site. Totally a bummer really. The dress I'm making now is the same in that it's unnamed. The envelope has "household" written above "pattern department" followed by their NYC mailing address.

  3. Found it, it's a Ladies Home Jounal pattern. I would be willing to swap patterns if your interested. I would just trace mine and send the original to you and you could give me a couple options to pick from and send one to me. I'm still on the hunt for a perfect shirt dress pattern that's super quick and easy and has few pieces but still looks great and vintagy so I could let this one go.

  4. I may be suffering from a brain tumor but Lucy dress has no envelop. I found the envelope of the pattern I'm currently working on (duh) and that one is a Ladies Home Journal pattern. Based on the unmarked instructions and unprinted pieces I would throw money down on a newspaper or magazine pattern.

    1. Thank you, I would totally take you up on this offer, but i bit the bullet and took and existing shirt dress pattern and redrafted it to make it very similar. I did a muslin and it worked out pretty well, I'll be sewing it up tomorrow, so we'll see. I'm also currently living (surviving this winter barely) in Siberia so a trade right now isn't really practical. I look forward to reading more of your sewing escapades!