Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The art show dress

I've sort of gotten myself in a bit of a jam. I want to make a new dress to the opening of an art exhibit featuring 50s art and furniture and such in the city. That being said, it's the 29th. I have a couple other fall back dresses but this one would be perfect! There is going to be a band and food and drinks etc and they want people to dress the part. Like one would have to ask twice. Anyway, I bought a deep navy blue cotton, white for the collar and deco-esque buttons In a bright candy apple red.

The pattern is a 50s wiggle day dress by a company called Household Patterns. I haven't made anything by them before so I hope there are no glaring size issues. I also just got a great 40s pattern off eBay and plan on making the blue ric-rac version just as the pattern shows. We shan't speak of it again for a while though or my husband may divorce me for pattern hoarding.

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