Sunday, November 13, 2011

The rut of all ruts.

I am in a sewing rut. I haven't had time really to sew anything and when I do get time I just sit down in the basement watching cartoon thinking of what I what to sew. I just finished my dining room valances using 1940s reproduction fabric. They look cute and I used a French pleat of sorts to jazz them up. I'm still working on the Advance 5410, and it's just okay. The fit is nice and it was easy to put together. Maybe I'm just slow-poking b/c I know I won't be able to wear it for 6-7 months.

Maybe I could start my Christmas dress or the teacher presents for Stevie's teacher.... *sigh*.... how do ya'll get out of a sewing rut?


  1. I just find something I get really excited about. Right now it's the Stitchers Guild SWAP. I have all kinds of fun things planned for my sewing machine in the next few months. I also like to read other people's blogs to get inspiration and a little "I want to do THAT!" in my life. It makes me want to go straight home and start sewing again.

  2. I have periods when I tend to plan sewing instead of doing it. Usually I just go with it, and try to shift the focus to something usable, like reading up on sewing techniques =)

    Also, I loved the image of your coat pattern! I'm sure it will be striking in a plaid fabric.

  3. Those are good idea ladies! I cut out two vintage apron patterns for teacher presents for my son's preschool teacher last night. I did them in a busy xmas print. They should be super cute when they are done. THat should get me going again. something easy and quick. i just finished and wore my Advance tulip dress (i have to post it!!). it had just needed a zipper and hem for like 2 weeks. i got so many compliments on it yesterday and i was so sure it looked 80s and dated.