Saturday, May 18, 2013

NOT getting things done

So much for a real post this week. I had to make an emergency eye doctor appointment on Monday morning. You know it must be bad when you decide to take two three year olds and a five year old to the eye doctor at 9am is better than waiting for a babysitter to magically appear. I have been wearing contacts since I was twelve. I have never ever had a problem. The doctor always says not to sleep in them but they never say why, just that's its bad. Weeeeelll, I have been sleeping in them like 4 days a week the past couple weeks. Then one night I take them out and my left eye is on fire. It felt like I had a railroad spike in it. I put my contacts back in and it was tolerable. Come to find out that wearing them that much did indeed do harm. The left eye had a patch of skin rubbed off from excessive wear. Great, so now I have to wear glasses for a week. I never wear my glasses because my vision is so bad that I don't see well in them. I get super nauseous and it looks like everything is slanted downhill. Throw in three small kids and you have a week long annoying migraine. No sewing unfortunately. I'm lucky I haven't gouged my eyes out from sheer annoyance. Even typing this is driving me crazy. Come Monday ill post some goodies and about my new Featherweight.... Oh yes, I'm a new proud owner of a 1946 Singer 221-1.


  1. Sorry about the eye, but I look forward to seeing your machine! I recently acquired a 1951 221-1. They are excellent little machines!

  2. My eyes started watering JUST reading about this. Hope it feels better soon. Looking forward to reading about your machine too. I have an old you have any resources telling how to date a machine and where maybe to get parts, my machine is missing the rubber part to make the machine move..Thanks. Veronica